About us

Quantitative Systems Biology at IST Austria spans a broad range of topics from molecular, synthetic, and systems biology to biological physics and evolution, and involves experimental as well as theoretical research. Our cluster encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between biologists, physicists, and computer scientists, to create quantitative ways of understanding biological phenomena.

Members from the following groups regularly participate in our activities:
Bollenbach group biological physics and systems biology  ||  Guet group systems and synthetic biology of genetic networks  ||  Tkacik group theoretical biophysics and information processing || Bollback group evolutionary biology ||  Barton group evolutionary and mathematical biology ||  Loose group self-organization of the cell

We hold joint group meetings (the Friday Systems Biology, or FriSBi meetings) where we discuss current work and recent research papers. We also organize a QSB seminar series. Click here for the current schedule of events.

If you would like to join us, please contact us directly or check out:
Graduate school at IST Austria  ||  IST Fellowships for Postdoctoral resarchers  ||  ISTernships – summer internships.