About us

The FriSBi seminar brings together those at IST Austria who are trying to understand biological phenomena from a mathematical and quantitative perspective. Our cluster includes experimental as well as theoretical researchers and encourages an interdisciplinary approach between biologists, physicists, and computer scientists.

Members from the following groups regularly participate in our activities:
Guet group systems and synthetic biology of genetic networks  ||  Tkacik group theoretical biophysics and information processing || Barton group evolutionary and mathematical biology ||  Loose group self-organization of the cell || Hannezo group physical principles in biological systems || Heisenberg group morphogenesis in development || Kicheva group tissue growth and developmental pattern formation

We organize talks by internal and guest speakers on a Friday afternoon. Click here for the current schedule of events.

If you would like to join us, please contact us directly or check out:
Graduate school at IST Austria  ||  IST Fellowships for Postdoctoral researchers  ||  ISTernships – summer internships